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  • FormattingRules[2] (4265d) [ Text Formatting Rules ]
    ...wers Version WikiName BracketName InterWiki Link Alias Entity Page Name Entity ...ink Styles WikiName and BracketName InterWiki, Link, and Alias Nesting Elements P...tain string, WikiName, BracketName, InterWiki, and link. Other Inline Elements may ...
  • FrontPage[3] (80d) [ Lista de Paginas ]
    ...er Test pages SandBox - Edit this page freely. Try it. InterWikiSandBox - Try InterWiki here. About PukiWiki PukiWiki - Introduction to PukiWiki Documents Help - How to edit pages in PukiWiki. FormattingRules - Text formatting rules.
  • PukiWiki[4] (5495d) [ PukiWiki ]
    ...tes character:Kanji is supported. InterWiki function is supported. Periodic Bac.../S-U PukiWiki/1.4/Manual/Plugin/V-Z InterWikiName -- Server list of InterWiki
  • PukiWiki​/1.4​/Manual​/Plugin​/H-K[5] (4624d) [ H ]
    ...img include includesubmenu insert interwiki H hr Plugin type Block type Importa...t the text before or after the form interwiki Plugin type Command type Importance * Synopsis ?cmd=interwiki &page=InterWikiName Description This plugin is internal...
  • PukiWiki​/1.4​/Manual​/Plugin​/L-N[6] (4265d) [ L ]
    ... Importance *** Synopsis #lookup( interwikiname [,Button name [,Initial value o...hed, it moves to URL generated from interwikiname and the input value. As a resul... typing the number become possible. InterWiki is used for the generation of URL. UR...
  • PukiWiki​/1.4​/Manual​/Plugin​/O-R[7] (4265d) [ O ]
    ...Display the specified page. If the page doesn't exist, it will be opened in the edit mode. If the page name is an InterWiki, the plugin will resolve it. This plugin is internally used when plugin= and cmd= are not specified. Users usually don't have...